Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Dog To Dog

Aggression between dogs is a widely misunderstood concept. A good example is the dog in the above picture. Is this dog being aggressive? Most say "yes". In this case however, he is not being aggressive at all and this demonstrates exactly why it is so important to get the correct help and advice to establish what the problem behaviour is if in fact there is any at all.

Below we are looking at the same picture and it now tells a different story. The 'aggressive' dog is in fact using a great deal of constraint to not hurt the young adolescent dog as he teaches her to play in a more acceptable way.

At Pett-Behaviour we have a number of 'Teaching Dogs' that are taught to help other dogs in the correct environment to play appropriately. This can be a long process but one in this day and age where we seem in many cases to socialise less due to many constraints (dogs not being allowed off lead in certain areas etc) It is however, very important to thoroughly assess each individual dog first to see where the problem behaviour lies and to what degree.

The above picture was taken a few minutes later and shows the teaching dog, the adolescent dog and another pup all behaving politely.

If you have any questions regarding dog to dog aggression please do not hesitate to contact us for further details. Aggressive incidents can be scary for owners and vital information can be missed at the time of the incident or indeed misinterpreted. It is understandable for owners to be upset and distressed but there is help out there if your dogs behaviour is a problem.

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